As a native German living in Vancouver, Canada, I followed the election craze somewhat bewildered over the past several months.

As a scientist I have followed the discussions on science and education, climate change, evolution and others with initially curious amusement, then slight bewilderment, grave concern and now outright terror.

  • climate change
  • evolution
  • flat earth

So during my post election depression, I stumbled on this youtube video of the Late Show, with Neil deGrasse Tyson as special guest. He proposes a four year campaign to make America smart again.

After a day of contemplation, I think Dr. deGrasse is aiming a little to low in this post. The same movement of pseudo-science, uncritical thinking and ideological extremism has regained a foothold all around the world.

Therefore I propose a somewhat wider scope:

Make the World Smart Again

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