I was looking for a nice way to render a galaxy. Specifically I was looking for something I could easily do with python.

I am using a number of 3D visualization packages on a daily basis, and my favourite packages suffer from the fact that they are not fully python 3 compatible yet. I found a new package vispy, it is Python 3.X compatible and also has a nice demo on how to render a galaxy semi-realitically. This is based on the work by Ingo Berg in his excellent blog post1.

One of the vispy developers already did the work I set out to do and rewrote the C/C++ code from Ingo Berg into python.

So my only contribution to this topic will be to add a little jupyter-notebook to play with the code.

Berg I. Rendering a Galaxy with the density wave theory. Understanding the world through coding. http://beltoforion.de/article.php?a=spiral_galaxy_renderer. Published 2016. Accessed November 13, 2016. [Source]
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